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Personal Profile
Recognised as a highly motivated self-starter, passionate about software development. A team player with the ability to build relationships within teams and with external stakeholders as demonstrated by the successful participation in a new product development team working within the initiative ‘Dare to be Digital’ the outcome of which was the opportunity to showcase our product to blue-chiporganization’s such as:Sony, Microsoft and Sega. Strong project and risk management skills as demonstrated by the successful achievement of key projects.

Highly proficient in the following:
  • Languages: C ++, C #, Java and Android
  • Software Development Lifecycle Management
  • Object Orientated Approach
  • Unity 3D/ Unreal Development Kit
  • Problem Solving & Debugging
  • Peer review & quality assurance of code
  • Visual Studio
  • Agile & Scrum environment
Good working understanding of the following:
  •  High Level Design & Documentation
  • API’s
  • Cloud computing
  • Source Control Systems
Key Achievements

Virtual Reality Hazard Awareness Center - IKM Visual Solutions
The Hazard Awareness center was created for IKM Visual Solutions using Unity3D paired with an Oculus Rift. The application centered around an Oil & Gas plant in which the user had to walk about the plant and identify and correctly respond to any hazards present.

Virtual Reality balancing was the main focus of this project. Dealing with motion sickness and creating stable and smooth gameplay to enhance the users experience while wearing the Oculus Rift. The UI proved to be particularly challenging as it can't function like a standard flat UI, it has to be created and used entirely in a 3D space.

Top Trumps - Freelance Developer
Top Trumps Turbo was created in a four man team, which was later to be released by Winning Moves. The game functioned as a simplistic card based video game with multiple mini-games and card decks.
The main challenge on this project was dealing with such an esteemed company and their expectations and timeline of the project. Due to the short time-scale of the project, my team had to be vigilant and thorough with all aspects of the development life cycle. The end result was well received by Winning Moves.

Million Dollar Duel – Freelance Developer
Million Dollar Duel is a unique take on the classic game Rock/Paper/Scissors. The game allows users from across both android and iOS platforms to engage in turn based matches together via a web server.
The main challenge on this project was being the solo developer, creating and maintaining the code that allowed the server to interact with the client. Due to having little experience in online multiplayer and server maintenance, I passionately pursued all avenues in a quick and efficient manner and became proficient in a short time, allowing me to create a fully robust application.

Lapin - Goodday Games - Dare to be Digital
Worked as part of a five-man team from various backgrounds and locations to develop a game named ‘ Lapin ‘. This game was created as part of created as part of the ‘Dare to be Digital’ initiative. Dare to be Digital gave students from various backgrounds and locations an opportunity to work as part of a five man team and create a fresh new innovative product whilst receiving mentorship from large games companies such as Sony and Microsoft.
Lapin was developed for iOS and used arcade shooter elements. The challenge was to quickly and effectively integrate individuals into a high performing cohesive team. Any issue within the team had to be quickly solutioned due to tight timelines; this was achieved using both Agile and Scrum methodologies  
Procedural Content Generation - Honours year Project
My objective was to create dynamic and vast landscapes and structures from a programming standpoint, with no use of artists or previously created 3D assets. The end result being an ever-changing terrain topped with a purely programme generated city; resulting in every time it was generated it would create new content. Therefore structures, terrain and layout were dynamically updated.
During the project the approach used to create 3D structures in code was challenging. This necessitated significant research to establish novel and innovative ways of structure generation.
Games Console Development - 4th year
This project was to investigate the inner workings of a PlayStation 3 console, in particular the Cell Broadband Engine (CPU). Designed as a robust and complex piece of hardware I was tasked to create a program that accessed all cores of the Cell processor and optimized the code to ensure parallel access.
The main challenge faced in this project was dealing with the Linux command line and structuring the code in such a way as to achieve optimum efficiency. My team made the decision to divide up the image in to sufficiently small elements which utilized every SPU therefore increasing speed five fold.
2016 June - 2016 September        IKM Visual Solutions    VR Programmer

Key Responsibilities include:
Creation of code and design documents for product
Build product on various platforms
Consult with clients to test and enhance usability
Maintenance of source control
Ensure the project accurately reflected the design document

2014 – Present      Freelance Video Games    Developer/Programmer
Key Responsibilities include:

Creation of code and design documents for games
Build games on various platforms
Consult with clients to ensure agreed specifications were implemented
Create and maintain backend server code
Maintenance of source control
Ensure the project accurately reflected the design document
2013 – 2014       Broadley Consulting Ltd       People and OD Consultancy       Part Time IT and Admin Support
Key Responsibilities include:
Web Design
IT Marketing
Social media
Travel & Accounts
Customer Queries
2013 – June to November       Mental Ltd.       Video Games Organisation       Programmer
 Key Responsibilities include:
Creation of Code for games
Consult with key stakeholders to ensure agreed specifications were implemented
Sub Contracted to create a rapid prototype for clients.
Use of Source Control
Maintain and test Code
Participate in structured team debriefs to identify key learning points to improve performance
BSc (Hons)
1st class - Computer Games Technology (2014)
Computer Games Development  (2010)
Nominated as Microsoft Ambassador within the University to market and promote both the University and Microsoft through collaborative events utilizing Game Jam’s.

Interests and Pastimes:       Golf, Art , Drawing and Sketching, Guitar. 
Mobility:       Full clean driving license
Location:       Flexible to work in any location
Date of Birth:       18/02/91

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